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Burglar Alarm Systems – No More Excuses to Become a Victim

Many people say they can’t afford to purchase any burglar alarm systems installed at their home. They say that they can hardly afford to put food on the table in today’s economic climate, let alone put extra money out on security for the home. They try to make a point that they have done just fine with no alarm systems up to now.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Reliable Home Alarm Systems

The increase in the level of recorded burglaries in many areas of the Ireland is alarming to say the least. Nationwide data also reveal that on the average, a burglary is being committed every 15 minutes. Surprisingly, around 70% of burglaries occurred in broad daylight, in hours when house occupants are commonly at work or in school.

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Home Alarm Systems 101

Home Alarm Systems 101 – Home alarm systems are used in residential properties for four main reasons:

1) Warn residents and neighbours about a security breach
2) Ward off burglars and other intruders away from the residence
3) Provide a sense of security and peace of mind to homeowners
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