Home Alarm Systems 101

Home Alarm Systems 101 – Home alarm systems are used in residential properties for four main reasons:

1) Warn residents and neighbours about a security breach
2) Ward off burglars and other intruders away from the residence
3) Provide a sense of security and peace of mind to homeowners
4) Optionally inform a private security company or a local Garda station about a crime in progress

Home alarm systems use loud sirens and/or flashing lights to warn residents and other people in the vicinity about a potential security threat. The sirens and lights are set off when at least one component sensor detects movement, sound, or light that implies unauthorised entry into the residential premises.

Generally sensors should be installed on entry ways and paths that burglars will likely use in getting inside the house. Especially if you are getting Dublin builders work done on your home it’s a good idea to include your chosen security company to advise on cctv and alarm installation requirements.

Security alarm sirens are usually loud in order to deter burglars and other intruders from proceeding to enter a house and victimise the household members.

As the loud sound and flashing lights will be noticeable to a lot of people in the area in addition to the house occupants, the burglar’s risk of being detected, apprehended by law enforcement units, and punished by a criminal court is greatly increased. This acts as a deterrent especially to inexperienced burglars.

Home alarm systems also provide a sense of security and peace of mind to homeowners who have deployed reliable security systems in their residences.

On the average, one burglary is estimated to occur in the Ireland every 15 minutes. These alarming facts are enough to cause homeowners quite a lot of goose bumps, especially those residing in areas where the incidence of burglary is relatively high.

As a result, the demand for all types of home alarm systems is steadily rising over the years, such that in some places, it has become inconceivable to draw up a house design without integrating an appropriate model.

People’s reliance on home alarm systems is not misplaced. Studies indicate that they do contribute in the prevention of burglaries and help in the arrest of suspected burglars.

Studies also indicate that they do provide peace of mind to homeowners who install them and enable these homeowners to shift focus from security concerns to other pursuits and activities that are also important to them.

In affirmation of their effectiveness, one particular study showed that houses with monitored security alarm systems installed are reduce the risk of being burglarised by as much as three times compared to houses with no security alarm system in place.

Lastly, many modern and sophisticated models use either a dialer or a wireless communication device to send a distress signal to police stations or private security monitoring centres whenever a security threat is detected.

This allows for fast responses to illegal intrusions, including burglaries